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The Leading

IVF Institute

  • First ISO 9001:2015 certified IVF center with the largest branch chain in the country
  • Providing IVF services for 18+ years and continuously producing high success rates
  • Responsible for first successful FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) in the country
  • World Class IVF labs and independently quality assured by Australian scientists.

Turn Hope

into Happiness

Conceiving a baby can be difficult for every 1 out of 6 couples. But we are here to help you to have your dream baby!


Babies Conceived

Up till now over 8000 babies have been conceived, as a result of infertility treatment at all centers in Pakistan!

Do You Know?

Angel Trust

For those who cannot afford the expenses, 'Angel trust' a philanthropic institution, established in 2006 has been dedicated to provide free treatment to financially weak couples


PGD Family Balancing

Since 1998 ACIMC has helped number of couples in gender selection for Family Balancing and for sex-linked genetic disease prevention.

Allah Says

( إِنَّا خَلَقْنَا الإِنسَانَ مِنْ نُطْفَةٍ أَمْشَاجٍ نَبْتَلِيهِ فَجَعَلْنَاهُ سَمِيعًا بَصِيرًا) (الإنسان:2)

“Verily We created man from a drop of a mingled fluid-drop (nutfa amshaj), in order to try him: so We gave him (the gifts), of hearing and sight.” (76:2).

Mission Statement

Welcome to The Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center (ACIMC). First established in 1998 in Karachi with collaboration and transfer of technology and expertise from Australia, enabled by bilateral commitments between the two countries, that formed the root of a revolutionary clinic which changed the lives of thousands. At the forefront of infertility treatment, ACIMC is among the world’s best centers, consistently producing high success rates in treatment of both male and female infertility problems. Our continued research in developing and enhancing the ‘Assisted Reproductive Technologies’ ensures a positive future with ever growing rate of success. Australian backed, Quality Assurance Program ensures that international standards are maintained at all our centers. By heavily investing in publications and marketing, we create awareness in people to understand infertility as a medical problem and provide a mean to seek its cure.
Up till now over 8000 babies have been conceived, as a result of infertility treatment at all our centers in Pakistan. We strive hard to provide the best available infertility treatment to our beloved patients. Child is an uncut diamond and our mission is to help all those couples who are deprived of this blessing to get the baby they wish for!


What We Offer?

Our primary goal revolves around providing people with the best services in the region, treatment can span a variety of processes which can involve one or more from the following:

  • Infertility Investigation
  • Natural Fertility Enhancement
  • Male Infertility Management
  • Assisted Reproduction
  • Accommodation Assistance

Infertility Investigation or Fertility Testing is the process by which fertility is assessed. On the basis of this procedure it is determined if the patient is in fact infertile. This is the primary task which is performed in nearly all cases to give the doctors an incentive on the kind of medical faults or problems the patient is facing. Fertility testing for men involves semen testing and genetic testing. While a female has to be tested by other methods such as Ovulation testing, Hormone testing and techniques such as Hysterosalpingography and Laparoscopy.
Sometimes the human body can become infertile because of our changed lifestyle, which has deviated a lot since the time that humans came into existence. This kind of problem can be more naturally cured without any hardcore medical procedures, We provide the patient the most authentic and natural treatment for such cases.
Several factors can lead to male infertility. A common cause is low sperm count. Some men might have problems on their reproductive organs themselves. Some might be able to produce healthy and enough sperm cells but might face problems of releasing them for proper intercourse. The complexity of these problems has to be identified and handled accordingly for best results.
Assisted reproductive technology (ART) is the technology used to achieve pregnancy through procedures such as fertility medication, intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization. It is the reproductive technology used for infertility treatments. Sperms and eggs are joined outside of the human body and then planted inside a female’s womb. Such procedures are the prime of Infertility Management and are considered wonders.
Often we receive patients who have to travel long distances to our centers, many of these patients are international inhabitants and it is highly inconvenient for them to pay regular visits to us. Since the patient is undergoing treatment, it is very important for him/her to receive the best care and comfort that can be provided. For which the patient has to interact with us on daily basis.
For such cases we have made exclusive deals with guest houses in the vicinity of our centers, to offer discounted rates to our out-of-station patients.

  • PGD – Gender Selection / Family Balancing
  • AMH (Anti Mullerian Hormone Test)
  • ICSI (Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection)
  • Semen evaluation

  • PESE/TESE (Epididymis/Testicular sperm extraction)
  • IUI – Intrauterine insemination
  • Embryo cryopreservation
  • Laparoscopy
  • Infertility counselling

  • Assisted hatching
  • FET – Frozen embryo transfer program
  • Ovulation monitoring/induction
  • Hormone evaluation
  • Delayed Embryo Transfer

How it all started? – The advent of Infertility Treatment

In the year 1976 a major breakthrough came in medical science when it became possible to fertilize female eggs outside the human body. The first baby born through this technique was Louise Brown on 1978 & henceforth many strides have been achieved in this particular area & by now thousands of couples have been assisted to achieve their life’s dream in the shape of a healthy baby. After the advent of invitro fertilization, Infertility management started growing as a specialty in the medical field. The center offering IVF attained the expertise of handling all aspects of infertility treatments.
Therefore it is the best advise to couples facing dilemma of infertility to get themselves treated at ACIMC, which is fully equipped to scientifically diagnose & treat such patients.


ACIMC was established in 1998 with collaboration and transfer of technology and expertise from Australia.


CEO Dr. Sajjad with Dr. Raad from Syria exchanging views with the ACIMC Scientific Team.


Dr. Steve visited us from Sydney specially to inaugurate the Lab and provide expert training.


Dr. Adrianne Pope visiting our lahore center.


A happy client with his two beautiful kids (as a result of assistive reproduction done at ACIMC)


Dr. Adrianne Pope, B.Sc. (Hons.), PhD (Australia), GAICD delivering a lecture during Australian Concept's seminar “New Horizons of Assisted Reproductive Techniques” held at Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi on 9th March, 2015


Inaugural Ceremony of Australian Concept Infertility Medical Centre, Islamabad Branch Chief Guest his Excellency Mr. Peter Heywards Australian High Commissioner at Serena Hotel, Islamabad


His Excellency Mr. Peter Heywards Australian High Commissioner in Islamabad giving a speech at Serena Hotel, Islamabad after Inauguration & Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of Australian Concept Infertility Medical Centre, Islamabad Branch.


Syed Aamir Sajjad & Syed Omair Sajjad Directors ACIMC greeting His Excellency Mr. Peter Heywards Australian High Commissioner in Islamabad upon his arrival at Australian Concept Infertility Medical Centre, Islamabad Branch for Inauguration & Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.


Dr. Sajjad CEO Australian Concept is meeting with Adrianne who is our international consultant.

Why Choose ACIMC?

Choosing a fertility clinic can be tedious, but below we mention few of the reasons why ACIMC should be your first priority.

 Professional Capability

Our professionalism is reflected by the results we produce. Being awarded “Best Infertility Centre of Pakistan” by the Consumer Association of Pakistan, we constantly strive to maintain such levels of proficiency and skills making no compromises.

 Our Pedigree

In its first 16 years, ACIMC has achieved a monument in the medical history of Pakistan by conceiving the first baby through “Frozen Embryo Transfer”, an advance medical procedure developed through transfer of technology from our Australian counterparts.

 High Pregnancy Rate

The ACIMC is at the fore-front of fertility technology, consistently recording high success rates, a substantial percentage of our cases have had positive results with more than 8000 pregnancies .Our programs address both male and female infertility problems with thoroughness.

Our Specialists

At ACIMC, you'll have the confidence of being treated by one of our highly trained doctors. Our team includes internationally recognized consultants who are dedicated to provide you with the highest quality of care.

Click here to view all our consultants.
Dr. Syed Sajjad Hussain (CEO)

Dr. Hussain is a graduate of medicine from Dow Medical College. He passed Sindh Public Service Commission exam in 1974 and joined Health Services of Government of Sindh. Throughout his career of 34 years with the Government of Sindh Dr. Hussain held many important positions. He is currently engaged with the Australian Concept Group since 1998 as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

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Dr. Salma Batool

Dr. Salma Batool Naqvi has an illustrious career. She graduated in the field of medicine from Dow Medical University of Health Sciences. She qualified her M.C.P.S. from College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan. She achieved her degree of M.R.C.O.G. from Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists, London and was awarded; F.R.C.O.G. from Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists, London.

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Dr. Iftikhar Sadique

Dr Iftikhar Sadique. MBBS FCPS has fellowship in obstetrics and gynecology obtained from College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan in 1998. Dr. Iftikhar Sadique is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, including intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF), and intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Dr Iftikhar’s special area of interest is Polycystic ovarian disease and its role in infertility.

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Latest News & Articles

Read about latest happenings and articles about Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center (ACIMC).

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Success Stories

If you are still not convinced by our quality services then please take some time and read few of our success stories.

  • Dr. Ahmed & Dr.Humaira had been trying for a baby for over 5 years without success. This was a very difficult and painful experience for the parents and finally one day they came to Australian Concept Infertility Medical Centre. Our professional staff and doctors screened them and recommended the case to our consultant Dr. Shazia Ashraf who is one of the leading and senior consultants in our team. 5 years of Infertility treated Successfully at Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center. Beatiful Baby Fatima was born after ICSI treatment and Allah's Blessings. Parents : Mr. Dr. Ahmed & Mrs. Dr.Humaira Consultant: Dr. Shazia Ashraf Australian Concept Infertility Medical Centre is Pakistan's first ISO Certified IVF Centre.

  • 5 years of Infertility treated Successfully at Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center. Beatiful Baby Hamza Ahmed was born after ICSI treatment and Allah's Blessings. Parents : Mr. Shakeel Ahmed & Mrs. Mehmoona Shakeel Consultant: Dr. Shazia Ashraf

  • 7 years of Infertility treated Successfully at Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center. Beatiful Baby Hussain Raza was born after ICSI treatment and Allah's Blessings. Parents : Mr. Adnan Raza & Mrs. Taieed zahra Consultant: Dr. Ifthikhar Sadique

  • 15 years of Infertility treated Successfully at Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center. Beatiful Baby Mukkarama Butt was born after ICSI treatment and Allah's Blessings. Parents : Mr. Salahuddin & Mrs. Rashda Butt Consultant: Dr Ifthikhar Sadique

  • 7 years of Infertility treated Successfully at Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center. Beatiful Baby Waniya was born after ICSI treatment and Allah's Blessings. Parents : Mr. Moosab khan & Mrs. Neelam Moosab Consultant: Dr Ifthikhar

  • Mrs Saira Adil first visited Australian Concept Infertility Medical Centre in year 2013. Unfortunately they had been trying to conceive for over 9 years and had wasted precious time and money in treatments such as multiple cycles of Ovulation Induction but with no success. The couple was referred to Dr.Iftikhar who conducted various fertility tests and Mr.Adil was diagnosed with Oligospermia. He took treatment for this and finally in 2016 August they decided to undergo ICSI treatment. Alhamdulillah by the Grace of ALLAH on 23/9/2016 her pregnancy test came positive and the Ultrasound confirmed they are going to have Twins InshaAllah. The news of Twins have given the couple double JOY! Patient comments: First of all thanks to ALLAH for Blessing us with positive Pregnancy of Twins. A special thanks to Dr.Iftikhar and entire team of Australian Concept for providing extra ordinary care during the entire treatment. Please don’t waste your Precious time, visit Australian Concept for help.

  • Mrs. Ayesha Ahmed , 25 years old housewife, first visited ACIMC in Dec 2015 with Primary Infertility. She was referred to Dr.Irfan Pasha who diagnosed her with PCOs after baseline tests and USG. In April 2016 she started her 1st attempt of ICSI but unfortunately she went into OHSS (Ovarian Hyper Stimulation) and her Embryos were frozen at Australian Concept Infertility Medical Centre. Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) was planned to continue her treatment and Allhamdulillah in July 2016, she tested positive for Pregnancy.

  • Mrs. Samina Ahmed, age 29, a housewife, visited ACIMC for the first time after 10 years of marriage and had not conceived yet. Her baseline tests were done and she was diagnosed as a case of Polycystic Ovaries. She had previously undergone 3 failed attempts of IUI and multiple unsuccessful attempts of ovulation induction other Centers. She was referred to Dr.Shazia who advised medication and weight reduction. In July she started treatment of ICSI and tested positive on her first attempt. By the Grace of ALLAH her Ultrasound has shown she is expecting twins.

  • My wife have received excellent care. Everyone has been understanding and tried to help us. My wife she brought a baby boy after 20 years. Dr. Shazia was especially kind and caring during the difficult first day of my treatment. She took the time to sit with me and made me feel cared for. I truly appreciate it. She has a big heart and is so knowledgeable and dedicated to her patients. Thank you — one and all Dr. Shazia and Dr. Rushda and your wonderful staff — I will remember you always. I love all of you and wish I could take you with me. Many, many thanks to everyone for caring to my wife. Everyone here is considerate and kind. My needs were taken care of. I thank everyone for their concern. The nurses on this unit are kind, understanding, and made me feel special. They explained things and were all professional. From Khan Muhammad & family.

  • Beautiful Zanobia came to say hello to our dedicated team at ACIMC Karachi. Her mother first came to ACIMC 5 years back at our Lahore office depressed and confused with infertility of 8 years and threatened with break up of her marriage. Our expert Doctors looked at her reports and assured her that there are strong chances of her getting pregnant if treated properly. She followed the advise and Alhamdullilah was gifted with this beautiful angel. Now the blessed couple is opting for our Family Balancing Program PGD and hoping for a boy.

  • Patient presented to us with Primary Infertility, she had undergone multiple cycles of ovulation induction, repeated conventional treatment, base line investigations, IUI and even Laparoscopy was done but was still unable to conceive. Here at Australian Concept, first time she was diagnosed to be Polycystic with deranged hormones leading to an ovulatory cycles, weight gain, increased body hair growth and inability to conceive. She was offered very relevant treatment regarding the disease, weight reduction and re establishing ovulation which took a couple of months. Unfortunately on investigation, husband also declared to be diabetic and having no active sperms. Treatment started at the same time for the husband to control his diabetes and to improve active sperms. The couple was counseled in detail and planned for test tube baby (ICSI). They agreed and wished for PGD (Gender selection for male). Her PGD was done and ALLAH PAK blessed her with successful positive PGD. Her first scan was done and showed a healthy pregnancy.