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ICSI Positive Patient – After 14 Years of Sub–fertility at Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center

The couple visited our center with complain of primary infertility since 14 years. They had previously tried 2 attempts of IUI and one attempt of IVF before coming to our center without any positive out come.

After complete workup, Yousra was diagnosed as complain of Hypothyroid and her husband had Oligospermia. our Gynaecologist had advised them to proceed with ICSI treatment. The treatment began in September and on 10/10/2017 positive fetal heart beat was seen on Ultrasound.

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Dual Stimulation in In Vitro Fertilization

In vitro fertilization, IVF is a set of procedures that includes combining eggs of a female and sperm of a male outside the mother’s womb. Once the embryos are formed they are placed inside the uterus.
Ovarian stimulation is done during IVF in order to retrieve multiple mature eggs from the female ovaries. Multiple eggs maximize the chances of increased number of fertilized eggs that can be implanted back in the uterus, thus increasing the chances of pregnancy leading to a healthy baby.
Ovarian stimulation in IVF involves injection of medication consisting mainly hormones for 8-14 days starting from the second day of periods. These injections cause the ovaries to stimulate and mature multiple eggs. Frequent ultrasounds are done to monitor the increasing sizes of the follicles encircling the eggs. Once the follicles have reached a favorable size, egg retrieval is done. These eggs are then injected with the male sperm and eventually fertilization occurs.

Dual Stimulation or double stimulation is done in patients who show a poor response to hormonal injections usually due to a poor ovarian reserve. Poor response usually corresponds to retrieval of fewer mature eggs.
As the name suggests, dual stimulation has 2 rounds of stimulation done in order to retrieve as many mature eggs as possible. The 1st stimulation starts from 2nd day of periods till the 1st retrieval and second stimulation begins from the next day. This stimulation is also done with injections that again stimulate the ovaries to mature a few more eggs. When the ultrasound shows an increase in the follicle size, a second egg retrieval is done. These 2 stimulation and retrievals yield a good number of eggs that can be fertilized leading to a greater chance of a successful pregnancy after implantation.


By -Dr. Sundus Saeed Gill

ACIMC Lahore, Coordinator (MBBS)

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IVF Positive Patient Success Story

IUI Positive Patient – After 2 Years at Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center

Mrs.Samina reported at ACIMC with a complaint of secondary infertility. She went through our standard process of evaluation and investigations and then met with our IVF Consultant. The Consultant recommended Mrs. Samina to undergo IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) at ACIMC.

Alhamdulillah with Allah’s blessings, the couple conceived after going through IUI at ACIMC in September 2017.

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Poor Responders in IVF/ ICSI Treatment

“Poor Responder” is a term used for female who have decreased response to stimulation during test tube baby treatment.  According to The Bologna ESHRE criteria  “Poor Ovarian Responders” should be considered in patients having at least two of the following criteria:

  1. A previous episode of poor ovarian response with a standard dose of medication.
  2. An abnormal ovarian reserve with Antral Follicle Count (AFC) <5–7 follicles or AMH <0.5–1.1 ng/mL.
  3. Women above 40 years of age or presenting other risk factors for poor response such as previous ovarian surgery, genetic defects, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and autoimmune disorders.

Low ovarian reserve is normally the cause of poor response. with increased age the ovarian reserve declines but however few women may suffer from premature ovarian failure resulting in decreased response before the expected age. Ovarian response can be analyzed before starting the IVF/ICSI treatment by performing tests like FSH, AMH and Antral follicle count. In some cases clomiphene challenge test can also help to make a diagnosis.

Pre determination of the ovarian reserve by conducting these tests allow the consultant doctor to adjust the dosage for IVF/ ICSI treatment individualized to the patients needs resulting in a more effective treatment. Addition of androgens and medication to increase blood flow to the ovary can also be beneficial in some cases.


By -Dr. Saira Afzal

ACIMC Lahore, Coordinator (MBBS)

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IVF Positive Patient Success Story

ICSI Positive Patient – After 5 Years of Sub–fertility at Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center

The couple married since 5 years visited our center in September,2016 the couple had previously also attempted Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) in 2015 with no success.

After complete workup the couple was advised to proceed with Test Tube Baby. The ICSI procedure was started in August with a positive pregnancy test on 12th September 2017. Healthy Fetal heart beat was seen on ultrasound on 27/09/2017

ACIMC has been offering State of the ART Infertility Treatment since 1998, including












Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center – Best Infertility / Subfertility Treatment via IVF / ICSI / FETTesttube

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Treatment of Swollen Fallopian Tubes via IVF

Sexually transmitted diseases may cause bacterial infection leading to swollen fallopian tubes obstructing natural conception can be treated well by IVF Specialists.

Up to 50% reduction in rates of IVF pregnancy may be due to immobile fluid inside the tubes required for polluting the natural pregnancy environment.

IVF specialist will discuss regarding various selections such as opening of the Fallopian tubes through laparoscopic ally, clipping various factors affecting the pregnancy to improve your probabilities of pregnancy significantly.

By -Dr. Sajjad

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Treatment of Blocked Fallopian Tubes via IVF

IVF specialist can perform laparoscopic surgery on a female patient having blockage of her Fallopian tubes at whichever end of the tubes, in order to open the spider mesh like adhesion easing your way for natural conception.

Surgery may not be suitable in case of extensively blocked Fallopian tubes. Luckily blocked Fallopian tubes can bypass through IVF permitting pregnancy to rise.


By -Dr. Sajjad

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