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Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center (ACIMC) was established in 1998 with Australian technical collaboration and human experience of 20 years was shared. Now ACIMC is in 13th year of existence. We thank Almighty Allah that we have been able to consistently deliver the best to our patients and Inshallah shall continue to do so in the future.


 His Excellency Mr. Geoffrey-C-Allen, Australian High Commissioner in Pakistan formally inaugurated Australian Concept Medical Center on the 9th October 1998.



At ACIMC we maintain the highest ethical standards in the conduct of all our treatments and procedures. All our consultations are held in private rooms and in confidence at our State of the Art treatment facilities.

Urge to Become a Parent is Natural

A woman has a natural urge to

conceive and be a mother, without

achieving this inherent desire she

remains incomplete.

But unfortunately 15% of married

couples face this delimma of failure to

conceive the world over.

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Angel Trust

Angel Trust was formed by ACIMC in 2006 is the first trust of its kind in the world, completely dedicated to helping non-affording infertile couples.

It is registered with the Government of Pakistan and donations are exempted from Income Tax. Angel Trust helps non-affording couples by providing them with financial assistance and achieving their cherished dream of a healthy baby.

Angel Trust makes every effort to help non-affording couples in every way possible within the limits of its meager resources. Donations are welcome and if you are willing to donate, please contact the management at info@acimc.org.


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