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Importance of Diagnostic Hysteroscopy before IVF ‚ ICSI & Test Tube Procedures

The outpatient hysteroscopy failure rate is less than half (2%) with the mini-hysteroscopy compared with the traditional 5 mm hysteroscopy (5%).

Hysteroscopy done at the time of Laparoscopy, has low complication rate, high requirement and adds little equipment & cost.

Positive hysteroscopy findings are found in many cases (15 %) despite having normal HSG and no suggestive history of uterine lesions.

In IVF program patients with normal historiography but abnormal hysteroscopy findings had a significantly lower clinical PR, demonstrating the importance of performing hysteroscopy before IVF.

Therefore it is recommended that Diagnostic Hysteroscopy should be performed on all patients before they undergo IVF.


By -Dr. Safia Munir


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    Am interested in ivf…i had tubal ligation 2003… 2013 i did tubal reversal after hsg test left tube is blocked and right tube is patent..after 2 years of trying 2015 february i got pregnant and it resulted to ectopic left adnexal pregnancy. Now im 44 years old..do i have a chance of ivf? Please do let me know..im interested to start it soon…and if ever egg donor is available in the clinic?

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    Dr. Wajid Butt

    Dear Liana,

    We don’t donate eggs, this is unethical practice. In your condition we need to check and examine first about your tubes status. IVF is possible but before we undergo for some investigations. Dont lose hope. ACIMC is reliable IVF center. Please come with your reports and take appointment. You will be given first consultation free of cost. Please contact on our UAN no 0304-111-2229. Thanks

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