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UPDATE: We are open and accepting new patients for PRE-IVF workup and assessment during COVID-19 outbreak.. We are taking extra precautions during the COVID-19 crisis. Read More

Continuing Infertility Treatment During the Corona Virus Pandemic

ACIMC continues to provide safe infertility treatment options to its patients as COVID-19 is prevalent globally.

Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center is providing infertility treatments to patients and also receiving new patients PRE-IVF workup and assessment.

Infertility is a reproductive disease and can be cured by an innovative Assisted Reproductive Technology. ACIMC aims to provide infertility treatment while maintaining high standards. We understand every patient is unique in their own way and so are their individual needs. ACIMC remains open and we look forward to receive new patients during coronavirus outbreak. We have put in place all the safety measures recommended by WHO and CDC international guidelines to ensure our patient, staff and stakeholders safety.

We have been reached out by many individuals who want to pursue infertility treatments during the Coronavirus epidemic. We understand your concern and have provided a series of answers in regard of our valuable patients. Contact us, if you have any query?

Is ACIMC still open and operating patients during Coronavirus outbreak?

Yes, ACIMC is open; we value our customers and ensure that the infertility treatments do not get hindered due to any inconvenience. Our staff, infertility specialists is offering online consultation and tele-medicine options during this period. ACIMC staff is available at your service to answer your queries. Also we have a COVID-19 Health Check Form that all our patients must complete. Based on your current situation we will advise whether you can visit our clinic or alternatively take online consultation until your symptoms alleviate.

Is there any other option than visiting Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center?

Yes, ACIMC is now offering Online Free Consultation appointments across Pakistan.
Our professional team will guide you how this can be arranged from the comfort of your home not exposing yourself to the COVID-19 disease. Once you have done your Free Consultation online our ART Coordinator would advise you Baselines Tests which you can get done at ACIMC Clinic.

In order to visit the clinic there are specific guidelines which staff and ART Coordinator would be providing. We will take your history and ask certain questions relating to COVID-19 Disease symptoms

Once you are clear, your Baseline Tests will be conducted as well as Online Appointment will be organized with our IVF Specialist Consultant who will start your treatment.

Are new patients being accepted by Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center?

Yes, ACIMC is willing to receive new patients and will continue serving to help the infertile couples to achieve their dreams of becoming parents. If there’s any doubt you have in moving forward we recommend you book an appointment with our infertility specialist who will ensure all your concerns are addressed.  Schedule an appointment here.

I was undertaking infertility treatment from another clinic; can I pursue my treatment from ACIMC during coronavirus outbreak?

We take patients on a regular basis even during normal circumstances WHO opt to undergo treatment at ACIMC. Our ART Coordinator will provide you a thorough feedback by scheduling an appointment and reflecting on your current treatment success. Talk to us, anytime.

How effectively is ACIMC delivering its services during the coronavirus epidemic.

ACIMC takes your safety seriously. We are closely watching the evolving global situation and provide a weekly briefing on CONVID-19 risks  to our staff. We have implemented social distancing to prevent spread of the disease while maintaining standard of our clinic. We understand your concern and it is to ensure maximum communication and prevent any inconvenience by the patients. We are screening all staff and also ask our patients to disclose any symptoms upfront so that we can ensure COVID-19 doesn’t enter our premises.

The above information is written in light to combat COVID-19 epidemic, the information and guidelines might change depending upon the situation arisen in the country and on government announcement. The amendments will be made till new laws are declared.