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Latest ICSI Procedure in Pakistan


In ICSI that eggs and sperm are collected from each partner. With help of experienced embryologists and by use of special fine glass needle single sperm is picked up and directly injected into each egg. once the sperm has been placed in the egg as the normal cellular events of fertilization still need to occur ICSI does not guarantee the fertilization

ICSI suitable is for?

ICSI may be appropriate under following Circumstances:

  • there is very low sperm count
  • immotile or abnormal sperm
  • sperm has been retrieved surgically from the (PESA,TESA)
  • in the semen presence of high level antibodies
  • When there has been a previous fertilization failure through conventional IVF

ICSI involves:

Patients should be aware of the steps associated with ICSI:

  • Development and maturation of the eggs through stimulation of the ovaries
  • Eggs retrieval
  • Eggs fertilization into embryos
  • Embryos Transfer back into the uterus

How successful is ICSI?

With respect to the age of the woman probabilities of success differ among patients. Considering the average after single attempt for ICSI almost 35% of patients will have a baby.


ICSI is short for intracytoplasmic sperm injection and is a type of helped multiplication. This is one of the numerous techniques improved the situation the individuals who endure with barrenness. It can likewise be utilized as a part of band together with IVF. In a typical IVF cycle, there are a large number of sperm that are set in a lab dish with a lady’s eggs. This is done to attempt and prepare the eggs to be moved once again into the lady’s uterus. The ICSI strategy is the point at which a prepared proficient will take one egg and after that infuse it with a solitary sperm.

What is ICSI treatment? ICSI is a consummated procedure used to upgrade the phase of preparation, just by infusing a solitary sperm into the maturated egg amid in vitro treatment (IVF). Once the sperm is infused, the prepared egg is then exchanged to the lady’s uterus or fallopian tube.

The initial phase in the ICSI procedure is egg recovery from the female. Normally, hormones will be directed with a specific end goal to develop the egg follicles and guarantee that a couple of feasible eggs are available for recovery. A barrenness expert will at that point recover the eggs from the follicles. This egg will be utilized as a part of the ICSI endeavor.

The following stage is to locate a solid sperm. Discharge is favored; however in the event that there are no sperm introduce in the discharge. Sperm cells might be taken specifically from the gonad.