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Mitoscore (Mitochondrial DNA Indicator)


  • MitoScore is a mitochondrial biomarker which gives us an indicator of the energy status of an embryo.
  • It allows us to select those embryos with the greatest probabilities for implantation.
  • It increases the possibilities to result in a viable pregnancy through IVF/ PGS.


  • Increased implantation and pregnancy rates in IVF.
  • Reduction of the number of multiple gestations.
  • Measurement obtained at an early embryo stage: day 3 or blastocyst.
  • Additional information by complementing morphological observations.
  • It works using the same sample used for PGS, and doesn’t require any additional work in the embryology laboratory.


MitoScore helps IVF clinics to select the euploid embryos
with higher implantation potential and therefore increase
pregnancy rates for PGS.