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NACE (Non-Invasive Prenatal Test)



NACE is a non-invasive prenatal screening that analyses the most frequent chromosomal alterations.

It detects abnormalities in chromosomes such us:

  • 21 – Down syndrome
  • 18 – Edwards syndrome
  • 13 – Patau syndrome
  • It also detects the most common anomalies in the sexual chromosomes (X and Y), except for twin gestation.


  • More reliable than 1st trimester combined screening.
  • It allows the testing in twin pregnancies, vanished twins and egg donation.
  • For women of any age, regardless of body mass index or ethnicity.
  • Can give results with foetal fraction under 4%.
  • Nace reduces unnecessary amniocentesis.


Scientific societies support the use of NACE test for all pregnant women.

lt’s especially recommended for women with:

  • An abnormal result in their first trimester screen
  • A previous Down’s syndrome pregnancy
  • A suspicious ultrasound finding