Role of Dioxins in ENDOMETRIOSIS

Role of Dioxins in ENDOMETRIOSIS

A number of studies have been carried out to find a link between endometriosis and the environmental chemicals as well as environmental pollution. The use of chemicals has increased dramatically in the past few decades.The chemicals we use then enter the environment and eventually in our food chain, hence affecting us directly and indirectly.Recent speculations show that this increased presence of chemicals can contribute to the causes of endometriosis, and increase the probability of occurring in women and girls who are now developing the disease.

Our bodies are now surrounded by many toxic chemicals every day. The chemicals in question here, come from a wide range of our everyday things in use, even in the air we breathe in, from the food we consume, in the water we use for drinking, from the toiletries in our use and many other cleaning agents we use in our homes.

Once absorbed in our bodies these chemicals are found to mimic the action of estrogen.Dioxin group and its compounds is one of the chemicals that is causing much concern for us.
Nowadays these chemicals are found in pesticides, industrial chemicals (PCBs) and industrial by-products (dioxin and furans) during the production of chlorine-containing pesticides, wood preservatives and paper.

Most of the human exposure occurring to these chemicals is through our food consumption, this particularly includes dairy products, fish, eggs and meat. This chemical, called Dioxin, tends to persist in our environment for years and then accumulates in the bodies of farm animals, especially the fat. Through their contaminated water intake and the feed they consume.
The effects of dioxin on the body are far-reaching and very damaging.

The biochemists, after performing studies, have termed dioxins as ‘powerful environmental hormones’.The natural hormones in our body crosses the cell membranes and so can dioxin, hence altering the activity of the genes. The normal function of these genes is to regulate our body’s developing processes and its maintenance.
These damaging effects can include:
• the immune system
• fetal death
• reproductive dysfunction i.e. endometriosis
• organ toxicity – liver, spleen, thymus
• modulation of hormones and receptors
• birth defects
• diabetes

A number of toxic chemicals around us enter our bodies, these chemicals have a physical structure similar to that of the hormone estrogen found in our body, hence it is necessary for women diagnosed with endometriosis to avoid such chemicals. The name given to these chemical is ‘xeno-estrogens’ and once they enter our body, the body gets tricked and thinks of it as the estrogen that is found naturally in our system.
The body then allows these unnatural chemicals to connect with the cells that communicate with oestrogen and interfere with the natural balance. This then leads to oestrogen dominance and helps to feed endometriosis.

One more negative influence that the dioxin has in our bodies is that it stops the progesterone from being produced and therefore increases the hormonal imbalance between progesterone and estrogen.

Ways to reduce these xeno-estrogens:

  • Try reducing the use of toiletries that are full of chemicals
  • Minimize the use of cleaning agents that contain chemicals in your house hold
  • Go for remedies that have less chemicals
  • If you have been diagnosed with endometriosis then avoid dairy foods and meat
  • Focus much on the health of your liver- its function is to detoxify and cleanse the body

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