When Should Laparoscopy be Advised

By-Dr.Alveena Arslan Meer
ART Coordinator(MBBS)& Online Counselor

Laparoscopy is a procedure where a camera is used to find out the internal condition of a patient’s abdominal organs. In addition, it allows the doctor to also perform repairs with in the abdomen if needed, without making a larger incision. In situations where infertility is the major reason to perform this procedure, laparoscopy can be used to diagnose infertility as well as treat it.

Laparoscopy would be advised in the following conditions:

It is usually advised when other infertility testing have not helped in reaching a diagnosis for infertility, or if the symptoms point us towards this procedure.



  • Lift heavy objects
  • Perform excessive exercises, mild walk and gentle movement is acceptable
  • Consume too much caffeine
  • Perform intercourse
  • Go for hot baths, it’s better to stick to showers till the pregnancy test, hot environment may damage the transferred embryo
  • Discuss your IVF procedure with those who have had a bad experience, it will only give you negative energy and increase your anxiety level.


But DO:

  • Talk to your husband/partner and share what you feel
  • Get support from your family and loved ones
  • Things that makes you happy, be it a hobby, listening to music or any other activity
  • Stay calm and relax
  • If you want to offer namaz, sit on a chair and pray
  • Think before resuming work, if it’s a hectic job then try avoiding it, if it involves a lot of travelling then also consider not resuming immediately.