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Ramadan Kareem!


ACIMC is Offering Special Discounts

Ramadan Package 2023

Booking is NOW OPEN

Ends on the last day of Ramadan 2021

For Further Details Call Now 0304 111 2229 (BABY)



The Ramadan Discount Package – ICSI-FET  

Good News for Infertile Couples

The blessed month of Ramadan indeed brings a lot of joy and happiness among the nation with an increase in tolerance and generosity from people belonging to different cultural backgrounds. It is a natural desire to become a parent and every infertile couple looks forward to becoming a parent one day.

IVF treatment is expensive internationally and not everyone can afford the treatment. ACIMC management believes that money should not become a cause for a couple not to become parents. It is already a very painful experience and emotionally taxing to go through IVF treatment. We are the First IVF Clinic in Pakistan to offer Ramadan discount package and many other clinics now follow our example.  Like every year, ACIMC is pleased to introduce a special Ramadan discount package that offers significant discounts.

The Ramadan Package

Ramadan bookings start from 1st day of Ramadan and end on the last day of Ramadan. There are two types of Ramadan Packages.

1. ICSI with Medications

2. ICSI without Medications

Please find specific details of this year’s Ramadan package below:

Mode of Payment

For enrollment/advance booking, the patient can pay the advance amount of the Ramadan Package in any nearest branch of ACIMC. The patient can also deposit the booking amount in the bank account of the respective branch of ACIMC.

Based on scientific evidence, we know that with growing age the fertility health of a female deteriorates. Specifically, fertility health starts declining after the age of 35, so considering age being a huge time factor it is important for couples to decide about ART procedures as soon as possible if they are experiencing difficulties conceiving.

Please visit our nearest branch IVF center in Lahore, IVF center in Karachi, IVF center in Islamabad for inquiring about more details about the package and booking. Alternatively, you may call on our UAN helpline as well at +923041112229.