Anti-Mullerian Hormone

What is AMH?

When eggs are immature or follicles are in their developing stage they release a hormone known as AMH. AMH is an abbreviation of Anti-Müllerian Hormone.

Ovarian reserve for current quantity of eggs can be calculated by a simple blood test for AMH count. AMH result announces the urgency and best means of treating a woman. With passing years of age (in 40s) women have depleted ovarian reserve and naturally results in lower values of AMH. If AMH levels are above 21.98 Pmol/l, it can be considered ‘satisfactory’.

Low AMH Values:

If your AMH value drop down there is no need to worry as still options of treatment are present. We are proud to express that in Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center there is no cut-off point for AMH or FSH results and we give chance to every woman.

Causes of Low AMH:

Number of follicles developing in your ovaries determined the AMH levels. The most important key factor in the determination of AMH or number of follicles is age. When a woman reached late 30s of her age, her ovarian reserve begins to decline and tend to be low in women in their 40s.

Low AMH factor doesn’t always relate to age factor. As evidence shows some women with high AMH levels into their 40s, while in other case women in their 20s or 30s have declined AMH levels. Besides age many other factors such as environmental factors, cancer treatment, inherited genetic problems can participates for Low AMH.

Why Low AMH causes Infertility:

Low AMH is an indication of a decreased egg reserve provided that low AMH is not a cause of infertility. The chances of releasing and fertilization of mature and healthy eggs decreases with low ovarian reserve. The quality of the eggs may also be affected, in case of age-related low AMH, in such cases eggs accumulate mutations over time. Thus indicating increase chances of abnormal fertilization and miscarriage.

High Levels of FSH and its Direct Relation with Ovarian Reserve:

Generally, Low AMH count corresponds with high FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) values, indicating for low ovarian reserve. Growth and development of follicles within the ovaries is stimulated by FSH. Naturally, Estrogen is released by developing follicles, indicating that there are enough potential follicles being ‘recruited’. Small number of follicles is being recruited in case of low levels of released estrogen. This low level of estrogen in turn send signals to the brain as an indicator of insufficient developing follicles which will result in subsequent release of more FSH. That is the reason, why women with a diminished ovarian reserve will have high FSH levels.

Symptoms and Clinical Diagnosis:

Low AMH always does not necessarily show obvious symptoms, while in some women reduction or absence of periods is the one of the symptom which may lead to proper medical diagnosis and ailments.

Right Treatment at Right Time:

A well countered and monitored dosage regimen is provided to patients with low AMH instead of high amounts of stimulation to counteract their low ovarian reserve, since they have low numbers of eggs. All related factors along with ages of patients are kept in view. Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center team approached to get quality based results by focusing on the quality, not quantity of eggs.

Success Rate of Patients with Low AMH or High FSH:

In Australian concept fertility center there is no cut-off point for AMH or FSH levels. Many patients have been successfully treated with low ovarian reserve. With the grace if all Mighty Allah couple of patients with low degree AMH count are now blessed with babies after getting treatment from our center.

Success Stories

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