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What is free consultation?

Free consultation is the first and most important step towards achieving your cherished dream of a healthy baby. When a couple first arrives at ACIMC, they are welcomed by our courteous front desk staff and immediately given a one-page form to fill up their brief data like names/age/ address / contact numbers etc. Once the form is filled, our ACIMC staff escorts them to one of the members of the Doctor’s Team for expert evaluation.

The couple will be classified in two categories:

  • Primary Infertility (Never Conceived)
  • Secondary Infertility (Previously Conceived)

Couple is then further sub-classified provisionally based upon their previous record presented to the ACIMC’s Doctors team member. The following 4 scenarios can emerge as provisional cause of Infertility:

  • Male factor (40%)
  • Female factor (30%)
  • Male and female (10%)
  • Unexplained (20%)

Couple is then counseled and advised to go through mandatory tests to enable ACIMC team to determine and assess their current fertility status and final diagnosis. It is true if correct diagnosis is established half the battle is won.

Shall both partners have to go?

Yes, both partners should go to seek consultancy before the beginning of the treatment.

Do we need to carry our previous records/reports?

Doctors Team at ACIMC is thoroughly trained in their specialized job. Our Doctors quickly take the patient’s detailed history and go through the past record and make notes of salient points to establish provisional diagnosis.

Where test should be done?

We strongly recommend all tests should be done at ACIMC.

What are the tests for male partner?

Male partner should undergo the following test:

Semen Analysis with minimum 3-5 days sexual abstinence.

3-5 days’ abstinence: Many people have a misconception that the longer the gap, more volume and better semen sample will be given, this notion is not true as sperms are produced constantly and after every 72-96 hours the sample will contain fresh sperms. If there is a long gap it will contain many dead and immotile sperms and so the report will be misleading for the treating doctor.

Can I bring my sample from home (for male partner semen test)?

This is a commonly asked question, yes such patients are provided sterilized container and advised to bring the sample within 30 minutes without exposing to sunlight and maintaining body temperature. But it is recommended that the sample be given at ACIMC in the specific areas designated for the purpose. The staff at ACIMC provides comprehensive counseling to each male partner on semen analysis.

What are the tests for female partner?

She has to undergo blood tests for hormonal profile which should be done during her menstrual cycle at the time of full flow which is normally on the day 2/3.

Following are the blood tests she should undergo:

  • FSH
  • LH
  • Prolactin

ACIMC protocol also includes RUBELLA IGG which can be done any day but many patients also get it done with hormone profile to avoid another prick.

Transvaginal Scan is recommended immediately after menstrual cycle is over. The field is clear and this baseline scan gives accurate information of Antral follicles in both ovaries and any abnormality is easily detected.

Can I be advised more tests (female partner)?

Yes in case on baseline ultrasound it is detected that you have polycystic ovarian syndrome additional tests will be advised like serum insulin (Fasting 12-14 hrs) and RBS.

Furthermore if considered appropriate after review of reports, status of the tubes may be determined via Hystersalpingogram or more preferred and recommended is Laparoscopy.

What’s next after consultation and tests?

Once basic investigations are over for both partners, free consultation session is complete and now time has arrived for a decision to be taken by the consultant according to the options available to assist the couple via assisted reproductive technology to achieve their cherished dream of a healthy baby. Each couple is individualized as per their history/reports/years of marriage etc. and counseled towards the best option suited to them.

When should I book an appointment?

Appointments should be booked with consultants as soon as your tests have been completed.