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IVF Cost in Pakistan

Due to the advanced and highly sensitive and scientific nature of procedures such as IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization), Test Tube Baby, ICSI (Intra – Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection), and PGD, the costs are higher as compared to other medical procedures.

However, you would be pleased to learn that as compared to the Middle East, Europe, the US, and Australia, the costs are significantly lower in Pakistan. This means you can access world-class treatment at less than half the price when traveling overseas. Within Pakistan, ACIMC offers the best quality of treatment at most competitive prices.

We understand Infertility Treatment can be both physically and emotionally taxing and the financial aspect of your treatment can also add an unnecessary dimension of stress. ACIMC is proud to offer you quality infertility treatment at a reasonable cost. Our affordable financial packages include:

Single-Cycle Packages

Single-Cycle with Medication
Includes one cycle of ICSI / PGD including all the injections and medications required during the treatment cycle.

Single-Cycle without Medication
Includes one cycle of ICSI / PGD only and medication is paid for by the patient on an as-needed basis.

Multi-Cycle Packages

Multi-Cycle packages are the most popular as they give great value to our patients. Due to the nature of Infertility Treatment and a number of factors such as health and age, some couples needs to attempt the treatment 2nd or 3rd time before they are able to conceive.

At ACIMC we offer you tailored packages to reduce the costs significantly when you attempt 2nd and 3rd times if you opt for a Multi-Cycle Package.

Dual Stimulation Package

Dual Stimulation Package is suited for those couples who are opting for IVF / ICSI / Test Tube Baby Procedure but have not previously responded well to stimulation. Dual Stimulation Protocol often referred to as Double Stimulation Protocol means that the female patient is simulated twice in the same cycle. International research data indicates the protocol significantly increases the chances of retrieving more oocytes in the Poor Responders group of patients. This is a tailored package developed to address the specific needs of our patients categorized as “Poor Responders”.

Financial Assistance and Flexible Payment Options

At ACIMC we understand the costs of Infertility treatment globally is significant and we try to work with you and fully cooperate with you in order to make the payments flexible.

Assistance by Angel Trust

Besides offering quality infertility treatment at a reasonable cost we also have Angel Trust. Formed by ACIMC in 2006, Angel Trust is the first trust of its kind in the world, completely dedicated to helping non-affording infertile couples. It is registered with the Government of Pakistan and donations are exempted from Income Tax. Angel Trust helps non-affording couples by providing them with financial assistance and achieving their cherished dream of a healthy baby. Angel Trust makes every effort to help non-affording couples in every way possible. Priority is given to those patients who are eligible to receive Zakaat.

For details and pricing information please contact your nearest centre.