Test Tube Baby Procedure in Pakistan


“Test tube baby “is defined as a baby Conceived by In Vitro fertilization and this process occurs outside a woman’s body. This is also called In Vitro Fertilization.

Normal pregnancy occurs when a female ovulates releasing a mature egg which is penetrated by the male sperm resulting in formation of an embryo (fertilized egg). This embryo travels through the Fallopian tube and gets implanted in the uterus (womb) of the female.

However, if any of the above mentioned components of natural conception have a problem a couple might not be able to conceive naturally and for such patients Assisted Reproductive techniques (ART) can be used. Now a days Test tube baby is one of the Latest and Effective Assisted Reproductive Techniques.

In this procedure, the female is first stimulated to produce more follicles and eggs then normally produced. The eggs are then retrieved through a minor operative procedure and placed together with the male sperm in an environmentally controlled chamber in the laboratory. The sperm enters the egg (IVF) or can be injected directly into the egg (ICSI). This results in the formation of embryo outside the female’s body. This embryo is then placed into the female uterus where it gets attached resulting in a positive pregnancy. ACIMC is offering Test-tube technology in Pakistan since 1998