Why Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center?

The “Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center” was established at Karachi in 1998 by transferring technology and expertise from Australia. Since then Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center has helped countless couples to have their dream baby – the baby they desired so much!

Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center is at the fore-front of fertility technology, consistently recording one of the highest success rates amongst the best centers of the world. Our programs address both male and female infertility problems with thoroughness and the most advanced techniques available.
Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center has made tremendous progress in its initial 18 years. It has earned the unique distinction of achieving the historical monument in the medical history of Pakistan by getting the birth of the first baby through the advanced method of “Frozen Embryo Transfer”. The first baby conceived by this method was named Mehak and her birthday was celebrated with a grand reception with the Governor of the time “Mr. Mohd. Mian Soomro”. In 2012, Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center became the first medical center of its category to successfully launch Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) in Pakistan. Australian Concept was also awarded “Best Infertility Centre of Pakistan” in the 8th Consumer Choice Award by the Consumer Association of Pakistan.

Up till now, over 15000+ babies have been conceived, as a result of infertility treatment at all our centers in Pakistan, which shows how successful our program is. We strive hard to provide the best available infertility treatment to our beloved Patients. The child is an uncut diamond and our mission is to help all those couples who are deprived of this blessing to get the baby they wish for!

We constantly strive to achieve better results. We make no compromises when it comes to guaranteeing our patients’ health and desires.
Our results confirm the professional capabilities of the team. If the IVF cycle of a patient is well managed by an experienced consultant, the chances of success enormously increase, and we harbor the best team in the entire country. Australian backed, Quality Assurance Program ensures that international standards are maintained at all our centers. By heavily investing in publications and marketing, we create awareness in people to understand infertility as a medical problem and provide a means to seek its cure.

Below points highlight why Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center should be the first choice while choosing infertility treatment center:

Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center – The Best Infertility Treatment Center

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