Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is done in order to facilitate fertilization through placement of sperm inside a female’s uterus. The IUI aim of increasing number of sperm that reaches the fallopian tubes resulting in increase chance of fertilization.

Sperm required to reach and fertilize the egg gets an additional advantage from IUI. In comparison to in vitro fertilization IUI is a less invasive and a relatively cheap choice.


Semen Preparation

Before IUI, it is necessary to remove seminal plasma to avoid contractions of the uterus caused by prostaglandins. Read More


Quality of the Specimen

According to reports, if the semen sample contains a total of 10 million sperm, pregnancy rate will be reduced. Read More


Mode of Insemination

Sperm suspension can be placed in the cervix, the uterus, the peritoneum or the Fallopian tube. It is guided by introducing a 0.2 – 0.5 ml sperm suspension into the uterus using a small catheter. Read More


Timing of Insemination

Insemination can be performed at various time points around ovulation and can be performed once or many times. Read More

Success Stories

Learn more from 1000s of our patient’s exciting success stories who received treatment at Australian Concept Infertility Medical Centre and realized the dream of becoming a parent with the blessings of Allah.