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Since 1998, Australian Concept has been offering the most advanced and State of The Art IVF and Fertility services to the infertile couples. Our Lahore IVF Clinic is in fact Pakistan’s Largest purpose built IVF Clinic in Lahore with a massive 13000 sq ft building, having 2 dedicated IVF Theatres.In addition,Our ISO9001:2015 certified Embryology Lab equipped with MIRI®Time-Lapse Incubator.

Lahore’s Best IVF and Fertility Clinic is part of Australian Concept Groups 15 plus
national chain of IVF Clinics having a team of 35 plus internationally trained
IVF Consultants. At, Australian Concept Lahore IVF Clinic, our mission is to
provide infertile couples with that precious opportunity to start a family.

For many infertile couples IVF/ICSI treatment can be emotional roller coaster
ride and stressful. Therefore, since 1998 we have trained and groomed a team
of compassionate and specialized healthcare professionals utilizing modern
science to improve IVF/ICSI success rates. For example, we are the first and
only IVF clinic in Pakistan to be using Multi Chamber MIRI®Time-Lapse Incubator at no extra charge to our patients.

Our 1000s of Success Stories is a result of Allah’s blessing and our 23 years of
Dedicated scientific research and professional fertility treatment management



From Simple Fertility Assessment through to Complete IVF treatment all under one roof, Australian Concept Lahore IVF Clinic is the perfect place to start.

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Our Lahore IVF Success

Before you start a family visit ours. Indeed, as soon as your IVF journey begins at
Australian Concept Lahore, you become part of the Family. We invite you to share
the joy of our 1000s of couples who have been blessed
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15+ Locations, 100+ Years of Combined IVF Experience

IVF is a teamwork and our biggest strength lies in our Internationally Trained and Qualified TEAM based in 15+ locations having 100+ years of combined IVF experience. Our satellite clinics offer you great convenience and access to world class treatment at your doorstep Read More

Botique IVF Clinics With Personalised Care

All our IVF Clinics are designed with your comfort and privacy in mind. Our lVF Clinics
are designed n collaboration with International Consultants and Scientists. At Lahore
IVF Clinic you will experience a combination of science and love. Read More

State Of The Art Cutting edge Technology

Australian Concept Lahore is the only IVF Clinic in Pakistan using MIRI® Time-Lapse Incubator which makes better embryos and enhances your chances for success. Our Labs and Fridges are equipped with fully automated 24/7 Quality Control and Monitoring System Read More

Our Facility


7 Days Per Week

Dedicated Parking

Wheel Chair Access

Convinient Private Location

Private Counselling Rooms

Multi-lingual Staff

ISO Certified

Time-lapse Incubator

Custom IVF Package

24/7 Automated Quality Control

Low Cost & Low AMH IVF Packages

Accomodation & Visa Assistance

Best IVF Doctors-Consultants In Lahore

At ACIMC, you’ll have the confidence of being treated by one of our highly trained Infertility Specialist. Our team includes internationally recognized consultants who are dedicated to provide you with the highest quality of care.

Lahore IVF Consultant Timing


2:00pm to 4:00pm


2:00pm to 4:00pm


2:00pm tp 4:00pm


9:00pm to 1:00pm
2:00pm to 4:00pm


11:00am to 1:00pm


2:00pm to 4:00pm

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Internationally Trained IVF Consultants

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