What is a Ultrasound?

Ultrasound imaging uses high frequency sound waves into the area of interest to produce pictures of inside of body for ultrasound a small probe is used which is called Transducer. The transducer is usually placed on the abdomen or pelvis to obtain diagnostic images.

The closer these sound waves near the area of interest, the cleaner and more detailed the resulting images, Because  the uterus and ovaries lie deep beneath the abdominal surface, it can be difficult or impossible to obtain clear images of details only a few millimeters in size. The vaginal transducer, a new innovation, brings the ultrasound beam very close to the uterus and ovaries, making it much easier to obtain detailed images, In this way it becomes easier to get information from a vaginal scan than through the abdomen.

What Will the Examination Be Like?

You might wonder, What ultrasound examination will be with a Vaginal Transducer. You don’t need to be nervous about the examination being uncomfortable. In fact, most women find it more comfortable than an abdominal scan.

If it’s a abdominal ultrasound, then you need to drink plenty of water so that your bladder is fully distended during examination.

It is possible you might feel uncomfortable by the time examination ends. It may have taken longer than it would have if your ovaries or uterus were closer to the ultrasound beam, where picture would have been easier to obtain and interpret.

Many patients prefer examination with the vaginal transducer because a distended bladder is not required. The transducer is only about one inch in diameter, and just the first two or three inches covered with a sterile, sheat, are inserted into the vagina. Therefore, with this scanning procedure patient is more comfortable and on the other hand its time saving too what is the role of vaginal transducer in improving health care of a female.

One special benefit of this new transducer is for women with infertility problems who are interested in Assisted Reproductive Programs.” Before the vaginal transducer was available many women were not accepted in these programs because their ovaries could not adequately monitored using abdominal scanning. With the vaginal transducer, it becomes easy for a doctor to visualize their ovaries, Uterus, Endometrium and in this way it helps more and more woman with their assisted reproductive procedures.

Doctor uses the vaginal transducer for many other types of examinations as well. These include checking for ectopic (tubal) pregnancies, evaluating first trimester pregnancies and examining the ovaries of Postmenopausal women for ovarian cancer.

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