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Gender Predictor (PGD) Procedure in Pakistan

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) involves genetic test on cells of embryos, used for family balancing, selection of the quality best embryo(s) and for pregnancy free of a genetic disease.

Consideration of PGD

PGD benefit couples by decreasing risk for chromosome abnormalities or specific genetic diseases. Selection of recommended patients includes; women with history of several miscarriages or pregnancy with chromosome abnormalities, women over age of 38-40 years and also men with sperm abnormalities. As embryos with higher rates of chromosome abnormalities may also produce by some types of sperm abnormalities.

PGD can differentiate affected, unaffected, or a disease caring embryos to avoid their transfer to the uterus to go for pregnancy.

PGD steps during the IVF cycle

After five to six days biopsy on developing embryos is done for PGD. Biopsy includes removal of few cells from the trophectoderm. Genetic material inside the removed cells is tested for abnormalities the embryos are stored.

Safety with biopsy and PGD

Through PGD fewer pregnancies with chromosomal disorders are expected as most chromosomal disorders are identified prior to transfer of the embryos to the uterus.

PGD help in identification of the best embryos for transfer into the uterus. All decisions concerning which embryo(s) to transfer to the uterus and how to use the remaining embryos are made together between the couple and their medical team.


The PGD methodology will be determined starting with the in vitro treatment (IVF) procedure. Throughout an ordinary menstrual cycle. A lady matures you quit offering on that one egg for treatment. However with that IVF methodology the lady will be provided for ripeness medications so that she matures different eggs. Once the eggs would full grow they will make evacuated starting with her ovaries for a minimally obtrusive surgical methodology. These eggs will then be treated done a petrify dish utilizing the partner’s sperm. Which makes different incipient organisms? That point an absolute Mobile is uprooted starting with every incipient organism for sex what’s more other hereditary trying. When those testing may be complete those healthiest person alternately two incipient organisms of the wanted sex may be embedded under that uterus to pregnancy.

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis also known as PGD. Gender selection is a type of sex selection technique that has become the most reliable way that couples achieve family balancing. With PGD couples who desire to pre-determine the sex a baby can do so with almost 100 percent accuracy.

PGD Testing will be an alternative for couples who need aid during danger for Hosting Youngsters with cystic fibrosis. The point when both parts of the few have required hereditary trying and the mindful gene mutations need been recognized. PGD may be continuously carried out on conjunction with in vitro treatment. A technique on which those lady’s eggs would fortified will develop. After that uprooted Also treated toward those man’s sperm outside those physique.