ICSI Positive Patient After 7y of Secondary Infertility at Australian Concept

ICSI Positive Patient

ICSI Positive Patient After 7 Years of Secondary Infertility at Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center Islamabad

Patient conceived after ICSI at Australian Concept Islamabad

Patient: Mr. Ayaz & Mrs Amna Ishtiaq

Consultant: Dr Tehmina Rehman

After seven years of navigating secondary infertility, Mr. Ayaz and Mrs. Amna Ishtiaq’s dream of expanding their family finally came true at Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center Islamabad.

Secondary infertility occurs when a couple who previously conceived naturally faces challenges conceiving again. The couple sought guidance from Dr. Tehmina Rehman, a dedicated consultant at Australian Concept Islamabad. Dr. Rehman, along with the experienced team, explored their fertility options and recommended Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) as a potential solution.

ICSI is a specialized fertilization technique used within IVF treatment. It increases the chances of fertilization by directly injecting a single healthy sperm into the egg. Following the ICSI procedure, the process resulted in viable embryos, offering a beacon of hope for Mr. and Mrs. Ishtiaq.

Australian Concept Islamabad is delighted to announce that Mr. Ayaz and Mrs. Amna Ishtiaq are expecting their much-anticipated baby! Their story exemplifies the resilience of couples facing infertility and the profound impact of advanced reproductive technologies. Australian Concept Islamabad is honored to have played a role in their journey to parenthood.

See The Patient History & Journey to Being Positive:                  

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