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IUI Procedure in Pakistan


Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is done in order to facilitate fertilization through placement of sperm inside a female’s uterus. The IUI aim of increasing number of sperm that reaches the fallopian tubes resulting in increase chance of fertilization.

Sperm required to reach and fertilize the egg gets an additional advantage from IUI. In comparison to in vitro fertilization IUI is a less invasive and a relatively cheap choice.

When to go for IUI?

  • Ejaculation dysfunction
  • A low sperm count
  • Lessened sperm mobility
  • Hindrance of the sperms’ capability to enter the uterus
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Antagonistic cervical condition

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How does IUI work?

The IUI procedure will then be performed at around the time of ovulation, after proper monitoring and indication that ovulation will occur soon.

In the lab separation of semen from the seminal fluid is done by washing semen sample. The sperms are inserted directly into the uterus by the use of catheter. Possibility of conception increases as large numbers of sperm cells are placed in the uterus.

Success rate:

Several factors determine the success of IUI. Success rates may extent to 20% per cycle if IUI procedure done each month dependent on multiple factors.



The IUI procedure is the way toward infusing sperm into a lady’s uterus. IUI is performed by embedding’s a thin catheter into a lady’s cervix. Once the catheter is embedded washed sperm are infused into the uterus. This strategy sidesteps the vagina and any obstructions in the vagina or cervical bodily fluid that may hinder origination. It is normally a speedy technique.

Timing to IUI medicine is incredulous and by any means necessities should occur a few hours previously. Then following ovulation. The recommended time period will be 4-6 hours however for A percentage cases this could be enlarged somewhat. It will rely on upon an individual’s individual circumstances and the doctor’s tact.

That accomplishment rate about IUI test to unexplained fruitlessness will be not secondary yet it still provides for the individuals who have debilitated large portions past alternatives to get pregnant a lot about trust that origination will furthermore could occur.

IUI treatment may be basically in turn choice accessible with unexplained fruitlessness patients. What’s more assuming that it’s not successful. After those different medicine systems will be acknowledged.

Sperm abrasion is the action of advancing the agent for insemination. The berry is accumulated with an abrasion average afterwards it has liquefied. It is again spun in a centrifuge to abstract the agent from the berry and the adaptable agent from the non-motile sperm. This may be repeated. The agent is again put into a syringe and is accessible for insemination. Keep reading for information you might want to know to be preparing for a visit to our doctor.