Will ICSI work?

Thousands of patients have conceived and delivered healthy babies after undergoing ICSI at Islamabad, ICSI at Lahore, and ICSI at Karachi. It is important to note that with ICSI we get up to 50% to 80% fertilized eggs. While ICSI is a highly successful procedure for many patients at Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi, there are certainly complex issues that still cause a negative treatment outcome such as:

  • Poor quality of female eggs even at a young age.
  • Poor growth of eggs after getting an injection with the sperm.
  • The quality of the embryo.

The chances of success with ICSI and IVF are pretty much the same once fertilization takes place. For ICSI Islamabad, ICSI Lahore, ICSI Karachi appointments please contact us now.