State of The Art Cutting Edge Technology

We Offer State of The Art Cutting Edge Technology At Lahore For IVF and ICSI

Australian Concept Lahore IVF Clinics philosophy has always been to remain at the forefront of IVF technology and bringing world class infertility treatment at the door steps of Pakistani couples. Australian Concept was the first in Pakistan to introduce Frozen Embryo Transfer procedure and we also launched the AMH Test for the very 1st time in Pakistan.


MIRI – Time lapse technology provides an undisturbed environment for embryos to grow

This cutting-edge innovative time-lapse technology assists our Lahore IVF scientists to closely monitor and analyse the development of our patient’s embryos. In simpler terms basically MIRI is a combination of an incubator, extremely high resolution camera and software to automatically take an image of an embryo every few minutes.

This technology enables us to keep track of the fertilization process and identify healthy embryos having the highest probability of implantation. Side by side comparison enables selection of the most viable embryo to achieve pregnancy.

The end goal is of course to achieve higher pregnancy rates and it is only possible due to minimal disturbance and interference in that growth process without opening the chamber again and again.

This is the only system in Lahore which is capable of this level of sophisticated analysis of the whole growth phase of the embryo.

What are the benefits of using MIRI Time Lapse Incubator at LAHORE IVF CLINIC?

There are five core benefits:

  • Zero Exposure: Without having to remove the embryos from their safe incubator environment, detailed analysis is possible. Every patient even has their own individual chamber which can hold up to 14 embryos, which means your embryos are not disturbed when checking other patients’ embryos.
  • Extra monitoring: Our Lahore IVF Scientists can analyse far higher detailed embryos development compared.
  • Better embryo selection: Our Lahore IVF scientists can now use selection and de-selection criteria to identify the best embryo for transfer.
  • Optimal conditions: Embryos are constantly kept at optimal temperature and ideal pH conditions, similar to the conditions of a human body.
  • Mobile Access: The embryo developing video and images are available on our mobile devices.

Who might benefit from Miri Time Lapse Incubator?

Anyone undergoing IVF,ICSI or PGD at Lahore IVF Clinic is suitable for culture in the Miri Time Lapse Incubator.

What is the cost?

There is no additional fee for using the Miri Time Lapse Incubator technology.

ID Tracking and Witnessing At Lahore For IVF and ICSI

Since 1998, all our IVF Clinics have proudly maintained 100% accurate samples match; of course this is the minimum standard of our great service. We value our patient’s trust highly and therefore we strive to constantly improve our practices and invest in technology as well as human resource upgradation and training.

At Lahore IVF Clinic, for your peace of mind we have the largest team of trained Embryologists which enables us to implement Double IVF witnessing program. Whilst we identify and label individual patient’s records and samples uniquely however our final check by design requires 2 senior Embryologists to witness that we are accurately matching the samples. Our process always ensures that embryos, gametes and patient samples are carefully handled and mixed correctly.

Our unique numbering system further reduces the risk of error during patient’s samples handling and have been shown to reduce our patient and Australian auditors concerns. Our Double IVF witnessing systems enables the traceability of the Lahore IVF team members performing each procedure and the date and time it was performed; this increases the efficiency of the whole process.


24/7 Quality Control & Monitoring System At Lahore IVF Clinic

Australian Concept’s growth is underpinned on highly innovative and exceptional quality control systems. Quality Control is the bread butter of a successful IVF Clinic and therefore at Lahore IVF Clinic we have invested heavily in cutting edge technology and minimized human dependency factor.


Cold Chain Management & Automated WIFI Enabled Sensors

At Lahore, most of the IVF medications are imported and highly temperature sensitive and must be cold chain managed. We have customized computer software to flag mandatory inspections and record the temperature at the time of receiving sensitive stock items. Our Lahore IVF Clinic’s labs, pharmacies and sensitive equipment all have state of the art cutting edge WIFI enabled sensors that transmit 24/7 alerts for temperature, humidity, C02 etc.

IntelliSense helps improve IVF Lab quality control through its high precision WIFI-enabled Sensors. At Lahore IVF Clinic we have installed these sensors at all the sensitive points.

Cloud based real time data logging & monitoring enables our LAHORE IVF scientists to focus on their core job and make better embryos. The analytics dashboard makes our national operations and quality monitoring simple.



The 24/7 Alerts are sent to Whatsapp groups where the Lahore IVF scientists, practice managers and even Directors are informed whenever the desired range of quality control metrics is breached