Gynecologist & Infertility Specialist

Gynecologist Infertility Specialist

Progress and development is an integral part of human nature. As scientists and physicians began to push the frontiers in the study of human body it became clear that a single physician is not able to fully understand the intricate details of all areas of medicine. This gave rise to formation of specialties like cardiology, nephrology, urology, gynecology and many others. However, in recent years as a result of further researches done in the field of medicine the generalized studies have become insufficient leading to formation of sub specialties

Gynecologists are doctors who deal with the general health of female reproductive system as a whole and the doctors who have studied and worked in infertility treatment specially are considered infertility specialists. These are the doctors who have spent years studying and practicing new treatments for couples unable to conceive naturally.

Just like a patient suffering from heart issue prefers to get treatment from a cardiologist and would not visit a gastroenterologist to treat his heart issue similarly couples suffering from infertility should visit infertility specialist to ensure that they get proper treatment individualized to their condition. Gynecologist although are knowledgeable about female reproductive system but sometimes treatment of infertility needs a combined approach addressing issues related to field of urology and endocrinology also. An infertility specialist can more accurately assess the conditions of such patients and provide necessary intervention increasing their chances to conceive.


By -Dr. Saira Afzal

ACIMC Lahore, ART Coordinator (MBBS)

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