Some Factors Effecting IVF Success Rates

Some Factors Effecting IVF Success Rates

Among all the assisted reproductive technologies (ART) available, IVF and ICSI have the best success rates. Although IVF is a complex process and exact outcome of a couple cannot be predicted however, few of the factors that can improve the results are as follow:

  • Age:

IVF success rate decline with an increase in age and for this reason early intervention is advised.

  • Infertility duration:

It is seen that there is decrease in outcome results with increased duration of infertility

  • Cause of infertility:

The positive outcome of IVF increases in cases of tubal pathology, endometriosis, ovulation failure and male factor due to decreased sperm count or immotile sperms

  • Life style modifications:

Smoking and obesity are considered risk factors for infertility for both male and female. Quitting smoking and losing weight can help increase the result of IVF treatment


By -Dr. Saira Afzal

ACIMC Lahore, Coordinator (MBBS)

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