Are Test Tube Baby or IVF Procedures Legal in Islam?

IVF Legal in Islam

It is absolutely fine to ask the question whether Test Tube Baby or IVF In-Vitro Fertilization procedures are legal. The Good News is that it has been officially declared legal by competent authorities around the world an in Pakistan.

Jamia Al-Azhar was established under the Fatimid Caliphate in 975 C.E. and is recognized as the oldest Islamic university and the second oldest university in worldwide.

Al-Azhar University or Jamia Al-Azhar’s FATWA Committee is the leading International Authority for Muslims around the world. In 1980, Al Azhar issued FATWA declaring that Test Tube Baby, IVF and similar technologies are permissible as long as they do not involve any form of third-party donation (of sperm, eggs, embryos, or uteruses).

In addition, The Federal Shariah Court of Pakistan in February 2017, declared Test Tube Baby, IVF legal in Pakistan. For Details visit

When you are planning to visit us for treatment you can be rest assured that your treatment will be conducted in the best professional, ethical and in accordance with Islamic guidelines.


What factors do Islamic scholars consider when determining the permissibility of IVF procedures?

Key considerations include upholding lineage rules by using the biological material of a legally married couple, preventing confusion over relationships and inheritance rights, following guidelines on intimate relationships and reproduction, and resolving legal questions over custody of any children. Specific IVF procedures and arrangements may be assessed differently.

When does bringing a third party into IVF or surrogacy conflict with Islamic principles?

Third party involvement can conflict with lineage rules or introduce uncertainty around relationships and parental rights. Most Islamic scholars agree that any kind of surrogacy involving a third party donor’s genetic material is generally prohibited due to these complications. Even gestational surrogacy is complex.

Can faithful Muslims pursue IVF if they uphold integrity and modesty in the procedures?

Generally, yes, as long as care is taken to ensure IVF upholds the sanctity and dignity afforded to reproduction in Islam. By carefully following requirements to only use married couples own biological material and clarifying guidelines with scholars, many believe IVF can align with values of protecting progeny and family.

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