Twin Success – After 9 Years of Infertility due to Azoospermia

Twin Success – After 9 Years of Infertility due to Azoospermia

Patient Sadaf Nazaakat, 27 years of age came to us with 9 years of infertility period since marriage. She was treated by Senior Consultant. During initial investigations, it became clear that this was a case of Male Infertility and consequently Sadaf had failed to conceive due to her husband’s poor semen quality.

Mr. Nazaakat was diagnosed with Azoospermia and recommended testicular biopsy. At ACIMC, Urologist performed testicular biopsy procedure and managed to retrieve few motile sperms. ACIMC is also offering MICRO TESE. Advanced surgical technique to detect sperm in the testicles of men who have poor sperm production. Since the testicular tubules are microscopic structures, they cannot be distinguished by the naked eye.

Australian Concept has been offering State of the ART Infertility Treatment since 1998, including








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