Importance of Diagnostic Hysteroscopy

Importance of Diagnostic Hysteroscopy before IVF & ICSI Procedures

The outpatient hysteroscopy failure rate is less than half (2%) with the mini-hysteroscopy compared with the traditional 5 mm hysteroscopy (5%).

Hysteroscopy done at the time of Laparoscopy, has low complication rate, high requirement and adds little equipment & cost.

Positive hysteroscopy findings are found in many cases (15 %) despite having normal HSG and no suggestive history of uterine lesions.

In IVF program patients with normal historiography but abnormal hysteroscopy findings had a significantly lower clinical PR, demonstrating the importance of performing hysteroscopy before IVF.

Therefore it is recommended that Diagnostic Hysteroscopy should be performed on all patients before they undergo IVF.


By -Dr. Safia Munir


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